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Non UK Domiciles

At Taxation UK Accountancy Ltd, we have the expertise and knowledge to utilise the various reliefs open to Non Domiciled Individuals to their fullest. This helps ensure that our Non Domiciled client’s tax footprint within the UK is kept to an absolute minimum.

The Non-Domiciled tax regulations in the UK are very popular among our wealthy EU citizens and global partners. This is mainly because non-UK individuals residing in the UK can avoid paying taxes on their overseas income, as long as that income is not "remitted" to the UK.

Fundamental to this, is the finer differentiation in the UK tax laws between 'residents' and 'domiciles'. If you are not of British descent, you can indeed be a 'resident' in the UK, but without being classified as 'domicile'.

The services we offer are:

- UK Tax Planning

- Self Assessment

- Property Structures

- Personal tax advice and planning

- Personal tax returns and basic compliance

- Inheritance tax advice

- Capital Gains Tax

- Trusts and estates

- Tax havens

- UK & International tax advice

Please note that this list of services is not exhaustive. We are pleased to offer advice and assistance on any matters.

Please contact our Tax Team on 0800 690 6537 to discuss your requirements and the services we can offer, in more detail or simply email us your details to


Our Main Services Overview

Personal Taxation

Personal Taxation Services

Analysing your complete personal tax affairs to take careful account of you and your family's circumstances enable us to recommend ways to reduce your tax liability.

Corporate Services

Corporate Tax

We believe that effective planning for corporate tax can help result in potentially significant improvements to your bottom line figures.

Ministers of Religion Services

Clergy Taxation

Our specialist team of Clergy Tax advisors help to lessen the burden of your tax filing responsibilities to ensure your time is better spent elsewhere.


Trust and Estate Services

Trusts and Estates

An in depth experience in dealing with all Trust and Estate matters allows us to be best placed to save you money. We recognise that they can be delicate and require tactful handing.

Landlord Taxation Services

Landlord Taxation

Our team of specialist Landlord Tax advisors help you to structure and plan to make the most from your properties.



Charity Services


We offer an extensive range of services for your charitable organisation’s needs. Our detailed knowledge of all exemptions and reliefs helps you get the most out of your Charity.